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Boy's Bulletin

Volume 3, Number 5, April 26th, 2002
"All things arew ready, if our minds be so." Shakespeare

Meetings: Bicycle Maintenence, JLC

Several meetings have passed since I last wrote a bulletin, not all of which I could attend, so I will just start back up with the most recent ones.

A couple weeks ago, we all brought in our bikes to be checked out for the trip this weekend. It will be fifty miles down the C&O Canal. We pumped up the tyres on the bikes, checked the gears and brakes, and generally prepared the bicycles for the trip.
Remember, ABC Quick Check: Air, Brakes, Chain, Gears (how does 'Quick Check' relate to gears? No-one knows)

On Tuesday, we had a JLC, during which we planned the future events, such as the cookout, summer trips, and the pioneering trip. I heard that there was another troop that was doing some sort of 'dragon boat' race or somthing, that needed ten more poeple. Please contact Michael Cutting about that.

Up and Coming

"It is always the best policy to speak the truth, unless, of course, you are an exceptionally good liar."
- Jerome K. Jerome