Boy Scout Bulletin

Vol. 1, No. 2, October 18, 2001

Meeting: Fire Starters

After an opening by the Lost patrol, Philippe Pradel began his program on fire starters with a question, "Why do we use fire starters?" The answer was, "To start fires more easily under adverse conditions, or when a fire is needed in a hurry". He spoke about a couple of fire starters, gave some tricks to start fires more easily, and turned the floor over to Mr. Scheirer, who showed us his fire starters. He reminded us of the value of dry matches, and talked about the 'possibles bag', which holds things that you always need to take with you on camping trips, such as matches, waterproof fire starters, more matches, a cigarette lighter, a water-tight metal tin of matches, a triangle bandage, and duct tape ("camper's best friend"). The game was the one with the blindfolds and the prisoners, which didn't turn out too well. Mr. Scheirer closed the meeting with an Eisenhower quote: "Plans are nothing, Planning is everything".