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In response to a forum thread, my theory on the outcome of an arena-style all out deathmatch between the following members of the Dominic Deegan webcomic. Not necessary the correct outcome, since chance plays a large role, but ...

List of Contestants

Grouped by affiliation: If teams were made (assuming restrictions to three people), the groupings above would probably persevere. In any case, I'll describe two scenarios:

Solo Deathmatch

Assuming everyone for themselves, no cooperation (even among normal allies, e.g. Dom and Luna, Dryad and Dirk). Observations of simulated deathmatches (i.e. my brother playing Quake 3 Arena) lead to the conclusion that, in a survival match, the most important aspects are luck, resilience (CON from D&D), and skill/experience/strategy. By this standard, my estimated order of deaths:

First Wave: Chaos.
The weakest warriors go down.

Second Wave: Endurance.
The people who don't have long-term staying power go down. Final Showdown: Overall Ability
Really one-on-one-on-one now. Getting into more detail: The Winner
... Milov is. In addition, you've seen him beat Luna before.

Team Deathmatch

I'm splitting them into teams of three, trying to keep natural allies together while adding the pairs with the singletons.
  1. The Originals: Dominic Deegan, Luna Travoria, & Spark - 'nuff said.
  2. The Nobles: Siegfried Gunther Aern Damaske von Callan (A.K.A. Siggy), Milov Danovich, & Jayden - Known allies; the trio that busted Dominic and Luna for scaring the Lynn's Brook nimrods.
  3. White and Black: Gregory Deegan & Nurse Pam, & The Infernomancer (A.K.A. TIM) - TIM is here because he's a confirmed enemy of Dryad and Dirk. And because Nurse Pam needs to be balanced with a really strong teammate.
  4. Green and Black: The Dryad & Dirk the Mighty, & Jacob Deegan - Left over.
  5. Stunt & Bumper - I'm taking them out. They don't have good odds anyway, not with the magic flying around. And it makes for four even teams.
Now, for the in-depth analysis.