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Edit: The below page will remain for the moment, but the current poetry page is found on my site, and contains numerous more recent attempts.

I have little experience or education concerning poetry, so I have an excuse.

'A New Look'

We reflect upon ourselves reflected
Paths reform upon our turning round
Things remake themselves from other angles
Upside-down is like a dif'rent sound
Light the candle in a darken'd hallway
See yourself inside a novel room
Build it from the ending to beginning
What was planned will plan itself anew
Empty out and put it back inside
Each container gives itself fresh tide
Thoughts, when shown the other person's mind
Form themselves another, dif'rent kind.
The below poem is untitled.
It is a rainy day, but bright outside,
as if the rain were nothing but a cloud.
On days like this, it's easy to think
that light is all that falls upon the ground.
But I can see the dampness from the rain,
and so I know the ground is watered here.
Inside, the moisture lends no cause for sadness;
Outside, the brightness would not give me cheer.