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I first found the online comics scene through a (almost) entirely unrelated path. My dad sometimes emails people links to online material they would like, and one link he sent me was to "The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés". It was a good choice; having watched my brother slog through several such games, I could easily relate to the cliches depicted, and therefore I decided to check the rest of the site. I did so shortly before Christmas '03.

The guy who supports (and maintains!) the list, Mark Sachs, is also a online-comicist (to use a neologism). I enjoy his ongoing project, "A Miracle of Science", which he is doing in cooperation with another fellow, Jon Kilgannon (whose link I can't find; what happened to shameless self-promotion?!). After reading everything on the Project Apollo page (see Mark Sachs above), I went to the Links section. There, I found a bucketload of other online comics, many of which I have become total fans of. After reading those, I began to check out other strips that were referred to on the 'link' pages. My favorites are listed below.

Online Comics

Personal Favorites

(list last updated on August 8th, 2004)

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