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My Moria Adventures

I'm just giong to write up some things that happened while I played Moria or Angband. Both of these are Rogue-like games, which means that they are related to the old game Rogue. In Rogue, as in these, the dungeons you explore are drawn with ASCII characters instead of graphics. You, the adventurer, are a @ character, monsters are varied letters, empty floor space is drawn as "."s, and you press keys to move around and fight the enemies you meet, cast spells, eat food rations and Slime Molds (What's a slime mold?), quaff potions, etc.

Rogue evolved into Hack and Nethack, but it also evolved into Moria, Umoria, and then Angband. All of these were based loosely on D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, the famous role-playing game.

One of my early adventures involved a Wand of Wonder. For y'all who are still unfamiliar with these cool games, the Wand of Wonder is a device that does random things when you zap it at whatever. Often, or at least often enough, it does magic attacks, so I was running about, blowing up kobolds ("k"), giant ants ("a"), and whatever else I found, when a suprising thing happened. When I zapped a certain giant centipede ("c"), it turned into a "d". So I looked at it, and it said "Mature Green Dragon". I called over to my dad, and asked, "Hey, should I fight this dragon?" He said "Yeah!", so off I went, and a began poking that "d" with my +1 to-hit Spear (1d6 damage). I would hit it (though often I missed), it would claw, claw, bite ("The Mature Green Dragon claws you! The Mature Green Dragon ..."), and I eventually got low on HP. So, I ran around the corner into an alley, and quaffed about ten Cure Light Wounds potions. Then I ran back, poked it many more times, and slew the beast! I then watched as the game solemly informed me, "You have gained a level! You have gained a level! You have gained a level! You ..."
A recent Angband adventure involved a unique summoner monster. For those of you who play Moria, Angband has added certain monsters that are individuals, and so they don't come back if you kill them and they only occur once at a time. However, this particular one summoned 3 or 4 monsters at me every other turn, so not only was I unable to get anywhere near him, but I got pounded so much that I had to put on a (cursed) Amulet of Teleportation because I was running out of mana. Suprisingly, when my character was slain mere hours later, it had nothing to do with that particular unique.

Glossary of Terms